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The learning curve of Mothering is huge! Changes in your body, learning about your baby, baby care & baby gear can all feel exhausting and confusing.

Use BabyPeg to discover what is actually needed to thrive through baby-life, to feel empowered with practical knowledge, and find online shopping inspiration from the best online featured brands, stores and product ranges.

BabyNew has blog articles and lists the best products and services you'll find on the web.

BabyLife is your stage-by-stage guide to help you and your family through each stage of your pregnancy & your baby's first two years.



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As a member of BabyPeg, you have your 'My BabyPegs' section where you can: 

Get & Stay Organised - On your BabyPegged page is a customisable wishlist, a checklist and an inventory tool all-in-one. You can save (Peg) items including products & services you need, want or have. You can also keep website links to refer to later.

Plan - Your BabyPegged page can be viewed by age stage to plan into the next stages of what you have and what you still need.

Connect to your Supports - You can securely share your BabyPegged and BabyAbout pages with anyone you choose. Share your family & your baby's progress. Visitors can pledge and comment on items & gain endless inspiration for unique gifting and the sharing of hand-me-downs. 



Through being in each moment, playing, interacting, loving & nourishing, you and your baby are learning & growing together

BabyPeg can help you grow your private & supportive village around your family. Start sharing to involve doting grandparents, family and friends in your baby's news and developments. Give them gift inspiration, then welcome their contributions. 

The wisdom you pick up along your growth journey can help other BabyPeg Community members - it's as simple as adding reviews (good and bad) to your Pegged items, commenting on blogs & contacting us with your ideas and parenting hacks. You can help grow the website so we can help more families.

You can also find us on Facebook & Instagram. Let us know how to better meet your needs, we would love to hear from you.

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