About Babypeg

BabyPeg has a vision to help with all aspects of the transition to parenthood and through the early years of parenting.

Who is BabyPeg for? Baby is coming soon? Wondering where to start? OR Baby is already here? Thinking what do I do know?


We offer information and an online platform to help you prepare and cope with the life changes that a new baby brings. We are adding more content each week, including buying guides to help make the more significant purchasing decisions. All the content we create and products featured in BabyNew aims to consider the evidence (where applicable), developmental value, health & safety considerations, educational value and real reviews. We have chosen products for their merit and the convenience of our users. Any revenue we generate from product links will help make BabyPeg a bigger and better resource for parents with more tools and information. We want to keep BabyPeg completely free for our users.

We hope to grow our content diversity by attracting experts who work in maternal and paediatric health and wellness specialities to impart their wisdom via this platform to benefit our users.

It has taken many long years to develop a member area to deliver our larger mission of helping with the whole process of early parenting. This includes the preparation activities, planning at each stage, decision making, where to purchase, keeping track of everything you have and what you still need or want, and connecting to support from friends and family for baby at each stage. With BabyPeg, members can access planning tools and real information and share it all with friends and family.

We want all our users to save time, money and enjoy the benefits of support and connection for all their family.


Who are we?

We are a parenting team raising 2 young boys, as well as our 3rd baby - BabyPeg. We appreciate and recognise the struggles that new parents have in balancing parenthood demands, including the huge learning curve and all the life and body changes involved. We have been there and saw others struggle. There had to be a better way. 

We are passionate about health and education. With backgrounds and experience in Health Science/Occupational Therapy and Education/Primary Teaching, we questioned everything we had been told about parenting, determined to do things differently. We had seen first hand the challenges and problems children and families have when kids approach school age with learning and developmental difficulties.

With so many questions to be answered, we embarked on a journey of discovery, consuming the information out there whilst being sure to tap into what felt right instinctively and on an emotional level. It was also clear to us with our professional backgrounds that the information out there relating to what products parents need is typically not linked to child development; nor the educational needs of babies at different stages. It is difficult for parents to separate the clever marketing from the reality and evaluate the real cost or benefit of their decisions. There are so many choices and decisions to make. It can get overwhelming very quickly.

We are so lucky to live in a country where we are free to enjoy natural beauty yet have so many facilities at our disposal. So far in our 8 years of parenting, each stage has been challenging, and many lessons have been learnt - we have grown into more competent, empathetic people with many more lessons to come. Life is more challenging with children but better in so many ways, with more joy, meaning, and purpose.

We don't and won’t ever have all the answers by any means, as every child is different, every family is different & each family’s context changes over time. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting, but when parents have the resources and support to help them navigate their own path, society can only become a better place.

 BabyPeg's core beliefs

You can find me on LinkedIn Anna Noud.


How it works

As a member of BabyPeg, you have your 'My BabyPegs' section where you can:

Get & Stay Organised 

On your BabyPegged page is a customisable wishlist, a checklist and inventory tool all-in-one. You can save (Peg) any number of items including products & services you need, want or have. You can also keep website links to refer to later. Knowing what you have and still need, helps you in your minimalist pursuits, avoiding the waste around excess baby stuff, including the environmental impact, wasted time & money.


Your BabyPegged page can be viewed by age stage to plan into the next stages of what you have and what you still need. Not just for the newborn stage, it's great for getting organised with the everyday items as well as upcoming birthdays & Christmases for the first 2 years (and beyond). On your BabyAbout page, you can write down your thoughts, add photos and document how your baby is growing. 

Connect to your Supports

You can securely share your BabyPegged and BabyAbout pages with anyone you choose. Keep your supporters up to date with information about your family, helping them follow your baby's progress. They can pledge and comment on items just like a gift registry or gain endless inspiration for unique gifting and sharing hand-me-downs. You can record gifted items and items loaned to you then set reminders to send thanks and/or return the loan item/s.


The BabyPeg concept step-by-step:

  1. SIGN UP to create a login to access your My BabyPegs page. This will give you access to 3 exclusive member sections (BabyPegged, BabyAbout & BabySharing)in addition to the BabyLife and BabyNew sections.
  2. Within BabyAbout, you can add information about your family and baby, including your values/likes are & your baby's details such as due date, birth date, & personality.
  3. Browse through the BabyLife guide, which explains each stage of development arranged into the various activities your baby, and you will be doing to decide what you might need.
  4. Start Pegging products or services to your BabyPegged page to organise what you have, want and need. Add as little or as much detail as you like. If you find a website link you want to peg to refer to later, assign a keep peg. There are 3 ways to peg:
  • When browsing products or blogs within BabyNew or BabyLife, select the 'Like it? Peg it now!' button
  • Use the Google Chrome Browser to download the 'Peg Me - BabyPeg' extension button and pin it to your browser. When browsing any website and on finding something you want to peg, select the extension button, fill in the details and save.
  • On your BabyPegged page, select the '+ Add New Item' button to add any item or service.
  1. You then have a choice, go to BabySharing to add and invite friends and family to see your BabyAbout & BabyPegged pages, or just keep it for yourself. On each pegged item you can set the visibility to shared (visible to invited visitors) or private (hidden from visitor view).
  2. Enjoy the process of nesting, growing with and enjoying your baby with the support of your chosen village. 
  3. Give back to the BabyPeg community with recommendations and reviews of the products/services you think deserve to be trending (or avoided).

What are you waiting for? Start to Discover, Peg, & Grow today.

Watch the video below for how to get started once you become a member. When you are signed in, you can find more help topics & videos by clicking the ? button next to your member profile name (top right of the screen).